Residential Real Estate Broker

Magalie Paradis

With over 500 sales to her credit, Magalie Paradis has built a solid and diverse career founded on passion, mutual growth and community. As a former nursing assistant, she spent 10 years in hospitals honing her attention to detail, active listening skills and ability to problem-solve under pressure. Coming from a family with deep roots in construction and real estate sales, Magalie naturally gravitated toward real estate. With nearly 15 years of experience in new construction, she possesses in-depth market knowledge back by effective sales techniques. As a newly established real estate broker, Magalie leverages her decades of experience and is committed to providing exceptional, personalized service to her clients. Her ability to adapt to unforeseen situations, her determination and professionalism are her greatest assets. Magalie’s collaborative approach and willingness to help make her a broker dedicated to achieving exceptional results for each and every one of her clients.