An Exclusive Membership

for Better Brokers.

More than banner affiliates, our members are part of an exclusive community of brokers who benefit from access to a curated suite of in-house creative services and award-winning spaces designed to take their businesses to new heights.

We Believe in Delivering Extraordinary Experiences and Elevating All That We Touch.

Better Brokers

As a company largely defined by the quality and abilities of its brokers, we provide our members with access to a thoughtfully curated suite of industry-specific tools and services designed to help them better their businesses.

  • Direct access to our dedicated administrative team and transactional support teams.

  • Full-service marketing support from our Creative Projects team.

  • Special invitation to ongoing training and professional development events, including Sessions: our member-exclusive panel discussions that provide invaluable insights and information.

  • Access to our global network of clients and partners through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio International.

  • Exclusive access to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® 's coveted Webinar series.

  • Access to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®’s online learning portal, The Institute, boasting over 300 courses and numerous certifications.

  • Access to our network of industry-leading experts.

Membership Culture

Membership at M, however, is about much more than just great business. Our members and their clients have access to exclusive perks that are rooted in luxury hospitality and are designed to deliver extraordinary experiences.

Access to a Suite of Member-Exclusive Spaces.

Members and their guests enjoy access to an exclusive collection of elegant full-service spaces designed to foster collaboration and leave lasting impressions.

Elevated Service by Our Dedicated Hosts.

Informed by luxury hospitality, our hosts provide a refined level of service predicated on delivering extraordinary experiences.

Private Meeting Rooms by Reservation.

Intimate settings designed for privileged conversations, elevated client presentations, and hosting guests in impressive refined comfort.

A Bespoke Beverage Program.

Including imported Italian mineral water and private label coffee, our beverage is prepared by our trained baristas and offered at no additional cost.

Member-Exclusive Events.

Become a part of the M community and build meaningful connections by enjoying access to celebrated events throughout the year.

Signature Products and Merchandise.

Access to a continuously updated catalogue of high-end products, promotional materials, and merchandise designed entirely in-house.