Residential Real Estate Broker

Eran Dahan

After starting his first business at 21 with an emphasis on customer service, Eran went into Sales at BMW. Dubbing himself Mr. BMW, with a focus on an elevated client experience, Eran rose to one of the top-performing sales representatives in the dealership. By his second year, he won BMW’s Best Delivery Experience award. He has since been featured in BMW University’s sales training program. Eran aims to be a resource for his clients far beyond their home-buying needs. Whether buying a new car, figuring out finances, buying new furniture or a myriad of other needs, Eran brings an extensive, hand-picked network to help put his clients’ minds at ease. Luck comes with preparation and opportunity, that's why he works tirelessly to provide both to his clients, through diligent analysis and research, giving them the power to make the right deal at the right time.