Residential Real Estate Broker

Abdollah Kamali

Abdollah’s (Abdo) primary focus is serving his clients. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer trying to score that perfect fixer-upper, an experienced buyer looking for something luxuriant, or you’d like to sell a property of your own, Abdo can help with it all. Born in Iran and raised in Dubai, Abdo has spent many years in luxury goods sales, honing his negotiation skills, developing an eye for quality and detail, and obtaining vast experience in understanding his clients and their needs. After moving to Québec, Abdo made the decision to change career paths and go into real estate. As a broker, he is able to leverage his acquired skills and knowledge to give his clients the service they deserve. Abdo has a strong command of English, French and Farsi as well as conversational knowledge of Arabic and Urdu. In his spare time, Abdo spends time with his family and friends or at the gym.