Residential Real Estate Broker

Sébastien Millette

Passionate about beauty, Sébastien has always made sure to work in fields where aesthetic is a priority such as fine jewellery, designer furniture and luxury automobiles. Through his seven years at Volvo, including two as a director, he has developed an impeccable customer service expertise that complements his innate attention to detail perfectly. In addition, having successfully completed several flips himself since the age of 25, his knowledge of real estate, renovation and design make him a broker with an extraordinary global approach. In order to further enrich his professional offering and deepen his knowledge, he decided to tackle the problem of estimating property prices by developing the Real Estate Calculator®. This statistical tool estimates the market value of dwellings according to their characteristics and the specificities of the sector in which they are located. It is clear that Sébastien is a true ally in everything related to the housing market and the realization of your real estate projects.