Residential Real Estate Broker

Matija Rimac

Reliable, hard-working, and highly empathetic to his clients’ needs, Matija is a professional that you want in your corner when it comes to attaining or even exceeding your real estate goals. Born in Montreal to Croatian-born parents, he is a trilingual Montrealer (English, French, Croatian) who began his career working in the family construction business. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, it wasn’t long before Matija branched off on his own to found and subsequently sell two successful businesses. Today, he leverages his accumulated skills and experience to service his real estate clientele. Having worked as a residential and commercial broker for nearly half a decade, Matija’s work ethic, professionalism, and robust network spanning North America and Europe have helped him reach over 30 million dollars in sales volume. On a personal level, he is a lifelong student who enjoys reading, spending time with family, and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.