Residential Real Estate Broker

Anthony Harris

Anthony is a fresh face in the world of real estate and is eager to make his mark. Having joined M Immobilier in late 2023, he shows genuine dedication to producing results and an aptitude for strategy. With a background in high-level competitive sports, Anthony is naturally disciplined and possesses an unmatched competitive instinct. With increasingly diverse interests in real estate, Anthony has sought out experiences in home renovations and property investment. As he embarks on his career in real estate, Anthony works to combine his interests and array of experience to better service his clients and to ensure they fully benefit from his expertise and abilities. Charismatic and sociable, Anthony believes in fostering connections to create a meaningful sense of community and working to achieve common goals. He applies open communication and active listening skills to align with his clients and help them achieve their goals. Whether buying for the first time, investing in real estate, or simply embarking on a new chapter in life — Anthony promises to deliver results.