Yasmine Ait-Bihi

Yasmine Ait-Bihi

Residential Real Estate Broker

Having lived in different countries and learned to adapt to different cultures, Yasmine has a natural ability to connect and understand others. She fluently speaks English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, which is one of her strongest assets when it comes to serving her clients. With a strong background in sales & marketing, as well as a strong interest in social media, Yasmine is always looking for ways to leverage digitalization to find new opportunities and make better business decisions.

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I reached out to Yasmine Ait Bihi after looking at online listings for over a year. Within a month, the property was found and the offer was accepted! I had such a pleasant experience working with Yasmine, I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy their first home. She understood exactly what I was looking for, even after just one meeting. Her energy is unmatched, she is very quick to respond and will always give her honest opinion so that you can make the best decision. I am so thankful to her and very happy that I chose her to purchase my first property.

Julie D