Head of Operations at Zaarour & Associates

Nesi Kaloshi

Molded. Forged. Refined. Molded in three distinct cultures. Forged in experiences tightly packed across three countries. Refined through extensive education. Much like the team he is joining, Nesi comes from a deeply diverse background with lots of experience working directly with clients. Nurtured on the principles of equilibrium as exalted in Da Vinci's the Vitruvian Man, his unwavering aim has been to develop a broad set of balanced and interdisciplinary skills. Nine years in various roles in the Tech sector have taught him to appreciate the power of a team tightly collaborating and the ability of technology to magnify human potential. Nesi takes pride in providing support to each and every team member of the organization he’s a part of. He does so with a smile and comprehension, knowing the immense value of true connections and relationships in teams and business. There have been rumours that he has had Astronaut training at NASA and one day he plans to be on a mission bringing people back to the moon. Here on earth, he is Head of Operations of Zaarour & Associates, as Ali Zaarour's right hand.