Giancarlo Carangelo

Giancarlo Carangelo

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker

With over a decade of experience in the customer service field, Giancarlo has developed great interpersonal and problem solving skills. Translating these earned skills into his real estate career has helped ensure that each of his clients receives the full potential of his service. Working each case with complete passion, and detail-oriented focus, making sure every client enjoys their entire process. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or a repeat buyer/seller, Giancarlo will exceed your expectations. Trust in Giancarlo, to find you the one place, you call home.


Listing my property with Giancarlo Carangelo made the sale of my fourplex a positive, comforting and successful experience. From the first meeting Giancarlo was able to really listen to me, my expectations and in return guide me with his expertise and knowledge of the business. Quickly i felt very confident in the process ahead. His professionalism and insight was very helpful for me within every step that was taken towards the sale of my property. I believe his realistic, effecient and dedicated work ethic can definitely be attributed to the very rapid sale. He diligently worked at bringing the perfect potential buyers and before i knew it our goal had been met. This is something that other real estate agents were not able to do. Thank you Giancarlo and looking forward for the next step.

Hussam Sumaya