Residential Real Estate Broker

Dominique Masena

Dominique is a broker who truly understands the transformative potential of real estate. The daughter of immigrants, her parents were the first in their community to purchase a home and inspired her and their community to believe that home ownership was an attainable goal. Inheriting a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial instinct from her mother, Dominique believes that the keys to success include dedication, perseverance, and vision. Having started her career working as a Project Administrator for Baker Real Estate, she participated in the success of many of the city’s most coveted new developments. This experience allowed her to build a professional network that spans the globe while developing skills and resources that allow her to find solutions to any problem. What truly sets her apart, however, is her ability to not only find homes that her clients love but to help them find communities in which they can thrive. By forming personal and meaningful relationships with her clients, she can leverage her deep knowledge of the city and its culture to find properties that align with their lifestyles. For Dominique, real estate is about more than the transaction, it’s about connection, community, and the power of potential.