Social Media Manager

Who We Are:

M is the standout choice for real estate in Montreal and a name renowned for extraordinary experiences. We believe in the power of positivity, the impact of a single moment, outdoing ourselves, and adding value overall. Our business is primarily centered around the transactional nature of real estate, but our values are rooted in creating lasting memories by elevating all that we touch. We love nothing more than working with people who feel the same way.

Position Profile:

The aesthetic and quality of M’s social media presence have always been points of strength and pride for our brand. As our Social Media Manager, you act as the custodian of our social media channels and are responsible for organizing, planning, and executing our content strategy across platforms. As a full-service agency, our Social Media Manager will also be responsible for managing social media scheduling and basic content strategy for a selection of our members. Highly organized and a natural multitasker, our Social Media Manager should be able to visualize the big picture and see it through to completion.


  • The Social Media Manager is responsible for organizing, planning, and posting content across M’s various social media platforms. 

  • The Social Media Manager is responsible for upholding brand guidelines and ensuring aesthetic consistency in all elements of their work. 

  • As the representative of the brand via our socials, the Social Media Manager is responsible for managing engagement, ensuring an actionable social media strategy, including giveaways, promotions, and hashtag strategy.

  • As part of the social media strategy, the social media manager should determine the specific kind of content needed for each of the various platforms.

  • In the implementation of this strategy, it’s expected that the social media manager will plan content across all platforms and maintain a regularly updated content calendar. 

  • As a brand that values being at the forefront of our industry, the social media manager should keep up to date with the latest trends and updates across all platforms.

  • The social media manager is responsible for monitoring engagement, feedback and all other analytics across all platforms and should be capable of presenting their findings in a monthly report. 

  • The social media manager may be called upon to create content in certain instances. 

  • The social media manager will also be responsible for coordinating and scheduling the content for multiple accounts at the same time.

Qualifications & Requirements:

Personality, a willingness to learn, and an understanding of our brand vision are the qualities we most look for in any team member. We believe in finding the right fit and surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who work together to realize our brand’s vision.

That said, we’d especially love to work with someone who has the following qualities:

  • Is considerate and open-minded

  • Is fluent in English and French (additional languages a plus)

  • Has experience managing corporate social media accounts

  • Is proficient in Airtable & Later

  • Can work autonomously and within a collaborative team structure

  • Is highly organized, meticulous and detail-oriented

Commitment to our team:

We invest in the people around us. We do this because we believe that with talent comes opportunity. The unique skills and passions of the people we work with are the foundation for our success.  Whether you’re a seasoned broker, a graphic designer, a methodical organizer, or a talented barista, at M you’ll be given the opportunity to explore your full potential. 




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