Graphic Designer

Who We Are:

M is a luxury home and lifestyle brand that operates within and adjacent to the real estate industry. Our business is primarily derived from the transactional nature of real estate but our vision is rooted in the experiential and conceptual aspects of beautiful spaces. 

Position Profile:

M is a design-minded brand that believes in the value of quality aesthetics. Home to a dedicated graphic design team, we strive to set a new standard for printed and digital materials within our industry. We are seeking a Graphic Designer to join our creative services team for the purpose of producing high-quality design assets for our network of real estate professionals and for the M brand.


  • The Graphic Designer, working under the direction of our Creative Projects Manager (Senior Graphic Designer), is responsible for coordinating and fulfilling broker-initiated design requests (both digital and print-related). 

  • The Graphic Designer will inherit preexisting design templates, they are responsible for maintaining and improving said templates to reflect the best practices of the day.

  • As a high-volume production role, the Graphic Designer is responsible for monitoring the design request channels, maintaining good communication with our brokerage team and delivering finished projects within a short delay. 

  • We pride ourselves on our brand image, as such the Graphic Designer is responsible for upholding our standards of quality in all their work.

  • On occasion the Graphic Designer may be called upon to create custom projects related to holiday content, printed materials, and/or promotional items. 

Qualifications & Requirements:

Personality, a willingness to learn, and an understanding of our brand vision are the qualities we most look for in any team member. We believe in finding the right fit and surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who work together in realizing our brand’s vision.

That said, we’d especially love to work with someone who has the following qualities:

  • Is considerate and open-minded

  • Is fluent in English and French

  • Has DEC or equivalent in Graphic Design

  • Is proficient in Adobe In-Design (Illustrator & Photoshop a plus)

  • Is comfortable using the G-suite

  • Is able to work on multiple projects simultaneously

  • Is highly organized, meticulous and detail oriented

  • Is self-motivated and able to work independently.

Commitment to our team:

We invest in the people around us. We do this because we believe that with talent comes opportunity. The unique skills and passions of the people that we work with is the foundation on which our success is built.  Whether you’re a seasoned broker, a graphic designer, a methodical organizer, or talented barista, at M you’ll be given the opportunity to explore your full potential. 




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